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3D printing pens buying guide

Finding the best 3d printing pens 2017 is not as easy as finding the common pen you usually use to write. There will some consideration factors to put on a list. By reading the article of mine, you will get the tips on how to get the best pen and avoid picking the bad quality one. Important to know that 3D pens use plastic filament and work kind of like a hot glue pen. Drawing with this pen could be unforgettable experience because you can add the dimension to doodling.

To get the right 3D pens based on your desire, avoid having a single option. The product that you just found may look so interesting, but there are the pens with better quality. Generally speaking, choose at least 5 pens with the different product. You then can gain the detail information. Not only that, it is good to compare the pros and cons of each of the 3D printing pens you are considering to buy.