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The factors that made the Jakarta’s election hot

The governor election of Jakarta is one of the hottest sources of news on all media in Indonesia. it happens due to several factors. The first one is due to Ahok’s blasphemy to the Muslim’s holy Quran. When he’s accusing that people are using the Quran against him, and he told people not to trust it, the Muslims in the whole country are angry, and it’s the first reason of why this election has become hotter than the others. Make sure you also subscribe to arah.com/pilkada.html to find the most trusted news regarding the election.

The second one is the social media war. Both of the supporters of Ahok and Anies has used the social media to argue with each other. When it’s actually fine in the beginning, then some people are using the social media to provoking each other and spread the hoax news as well. When it happens, the argument wars between both sides is inevitable, and thus, this selection stands out among the other selections ever since.