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The factors that made your aya ceremony has failed

The thought of failing in something can be terrifying sometimes. However, when you’ve failed your ayahuasca ceremony, then it’s a new level of terrifying. You can be traumatized or even psychologically damaged as well. That’s why before you decide to take on the ceremony, you’ve got to know the factors that have made so many people fail the ceremony. There are several rules that must be followed, requirements that have to be made, and the prohibitions that you must avoid at all cost. The amazon hyaguasca shaman will likely to show you the factors that have made so many people have failed their aya ceremony.

They want to escape their own trouble.

Wrong. It’s the wrongest thing that a person can do during the ayahuasca ceremony. The ceremony itself is not about denial, it’s about love and acceptance. You have to accept your problems, your darkest fear, and your source of anxiety and you have to make peace with them. Resistance during the ceremony will only give you the unwanted side effects. That’s why if you’re willing to run away from your problems, then the aya ceremony is not the right method for you.

Ignoring the rules

There are several forbidden foods and activities that you need to avoid before you’re taking the ceremony. The foods such as the red meat, pork, and fishes must be avoided, and you can learn more about the forbidden foods by researching about the aya diet on the internet. Furthermore, there are some activities that must be avoided before the ceremony as well, and it’s the sexual contact. Some people might complain about this, and if you are one of those people, then think again. It’s because of this ceremony requires you to avoid any sexual contact one week before and after the ceremony. So, when people are ignoring these rules, then they will fail the ritual and end up with the consequences.