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Breast Reduction Plastic Surgery

Breast reduction plastic surgery could be a solution for those who have other complaints as a result of breast size is too large. Before the procedure followed, there are a few things to note. What are they?

You will undergo this procedure must be prepared to undergo surgery. In addition, it should be noted there is also a change in the shape of the body and the risk of scarring. For the age, the requirement can be done during adolescence if the patient is not comfortable with breast shape, both physical and psychological complaints. We recommend that you consult with an experienced plastic surgeon baltimore like Dr Shermak because of the many techniques used will affect the scar. Do not hesitate to ask for photos before after the other to see the results of the operation.

This procedure costs generally depends on the patient’s condition. Well, after breast diminished, patients are asked to use a special bra for a month. Patients are also given a special ointment for the treatment of scars. Breast that has been diminished by either will not be enlarged again.