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How to Clean Tiles and Grout Properly

It is, indeed, necessary to clean tiles and grout as, different from the regular wall, they can be clean a lot easier. Products for tile and grout cleaning on the market provide great results in a practical way. Varied different brands offer products for tile grout cleaning that are designed to restore the bright color of grout. You have to choose only products that contain antifungal and anti-mold, especially for cleaning the bathrooms were always damp and mildew-susceptible overgrown.

Some people apply the carbolic acid product to wash the grout. For grout with light gray or white color, the carbolic acid which contains oxygen bleach or chlorine is really effective. If you want to use bleach, you have to apply it carefully and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. As for the Black or dark-colored gray color, they cannot be cleaned with bleach as the color will fade.

If you are hesitant to use bleach or carbolic acid products, you can mix the materials to clean the grout easily with natural whitening agents and acidic substances. The combination of baking soda powder and vinegar is effective to clean the grout.