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The wild elephant’s role in the forest

Some people may think that the elephants are only good for the circus show and some attractions. However, this is a very wrong way of thinking, due to the real elephant’s role is in the forest. They provide us with the necessary water and oxygen that help us to survive. How? It’s because of they’re eating many kinds of fruits and trees in the forest, and after they’re walking for miles away, they will poop eventually, thus, their poops are containing the seeds of the new trees that will be spread throughout the forest. You may want to visit Chiang Mai elephant sanctuary to learn more about them.

Without the existence of key species animals, don’t expect to get more oxygen and water from the forest anymore. Without their existence, we can’t save our forest, and that means we will lose a lot of oxygen and water. Our earth will become drier and hotter if we don’t take any action immediately. Take your actions now, be a volunteer, donate some money to the conservation programs, or simply avoid any kind of products that have made of the ivory. You can also reduce the use of paper in order to save more trees in the forest as well.