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Psychological Disorders – Emotional Wounds

Psychological Disorders Continuous mental injury can cause psychological or psychiatric disorders. A mental disorder does not mean madness or loss of memory, there are many mental disorders where the sufferer remains aware of the surrounding environment and aware of interference but unable to stem the fear and anxiety excessive as in cases of phobic disorders, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, personality disorder. The lack of public understanding about mental health causes many patients with psychological disorders are not handled quickly and well. Indonesian people still consider psychological disorders identical to madness or loss of memory. This disease is considered embarrassing and must be hidden, the rejection of family members who have psychological disorders resulting in mental illness is growing so severe that difficult to cure. Difficult to cure does not mean can not be cured, but can be cured only in the span of not a moment. So it is important for you to participate in activities such as ayahuasca trip to peru to slowly eliminate psychological disturbances in the form of an inner wound.

Because emotional wounds do not show obvious symptoms like physical injuries, many people deliberately ignore them. The inner wound is left too long will result in various social problems that result in poor quality of life. In adolescence, there is a physical body change from children to adulthood, but mentally they still can not act as adults. Adolescence is a very vulnerable period to the onset of emotional wounds that may be caused by childhood trauma or new trauma such as a breakup, sexual harassment, pressure from parents, domestic violence. Teenagers who suffered mental injury and because they do not understand the state of himself will look for something to heal his mental wounds such as drug addicts, alcoholism, sex association, involved violence, and crime.

Suicidal events in adolescents caused only by trivial events indicate a severe inner wound symptoms. The unconscious mind contains imprints of one’s life, imprints formed from information inputs obtained from the surrounding social environment. Parents and families are a person’s imprint formers for the first time. The inner wounds in children that occur in childhood are mostly not realized until adulthood. The injured inner adult will become an unwise, violent parent and then will hurt their child’s mind.