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What to avoid after your Ayahuasca retreat

By the mid-nineteenth century, iowaska had coming to the attention of Western ethnographers. Besides that, it was already wide-spread among numerous indigenous titles through the Amazon Basin. Ayahuasca ceremony is the key to experience good or bad result. Fortunately, the result will be based on expected if you follow all the tips.

Let’s say that you have taken the ceremony, but it doesn’t mean that you can deal with your old lifestyle and habit. Why? When talking about post iowaska retreat, there are some things to deal with too, as well as dealing with what you have to do before ayahuasca ceremony. Keep in mind that the spirit of the plants will be with you for a long time after your treat. If you want to help the process of your healing, take a close look at what you should adhere.

10 days after your retreat, ensure that you will avoid some foods, such as processed sugars, fried foods, avocados, and pineapple. For most people, this is so hard to do; however, your main focus in to heal your body and mind. Well, 2 weeks after your retreat, coffee, dairy, red meat, and fermented foods are what you may not add to your diet.

Alcohol, pork, and chilli will be the foods that you can’t eat for about 1 month. Why is sexual contact another thing to avoid? In order to maintain the integrity and the momentum of young healing, it is very important to keep your energy to yourself. When you connect with another personal in a sexual way, it means that you share your energy deeply with that person.

So, what will happen if you then make the mistake by having sexual contact? To get the answer, it would be better to contact ayahuasca center. Reading articles available online can also help you gain a lot of information, so why not do it?